The Value of Site Certification


By Courtney Zaugg, CEcD, Plaka Associates 

Published: April 8, 2019 by The Veridus Group and Verisite


Many people have asked, “But is it worth it? How do you certify successful (re)development?” These are very important questions that I think many consultants in the economic development industry do not answer well. What VERISITE is not saying is “do it and they will come.” What VERISITE IS saying (and requiring, for that matter), is to conduct the comprehensive analysis by well-known professionals and site selectors, then follow-through on marketing! One thing that I often get when I tell people I am an economic development consultant is, “Oh, I’ve paid people like you to do studies. But they just sit on a shelf – it’s not worth it.” That’s where the VERISITE team differentiates from the pack. While VERISITE’s main objective is risk mitigation, the program requires action on the part of the client and our own team. Marketing efforts on the VERISITE certified sites will be documented and evaluated to ensure the site is getting appropriate promotional support. Furthermore, the VERISITE team’s network of national corporate executives and regional/local developers adds another layer of marketing, helping to advance the site from the unknown to getting on the “list” of active site selection and development projects. Ultimately, the test for clients to know whether or not the VERISITE certification is working is the evaluation of companies and developers moving from consideration to commitment, not the number of VERISITE certified sites overall. And while a certified site does not guarantee investment and jobs, it does provide sites to be strong competitors in the market.

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