Development & Construction Services 
We specialize in representing our clients in the negotiation, management and execution of intricate and complex vertical projects. We become a valuable member of your team by putting our technical knowledge and over 40 years of experience at your disposal. 
Economic Development  
We equip cities, towns and organizations with the most relevant and accurate sets of data to empower our clients decision making process around real estsate and development in their communities. We preform many economic services for our clients including: Market Analysis, Comprehensive Housing Analysis and Housing Stock Strategies, Regional Economic Development Strategic Plan, Area Development District Diversification Plan and Entrepreneurship Feasibility Study.   
Government Services
We apply over 60 years of experience to assist local governments across the Midwest in redevelopment and revitalization planning, market and target industry analyses, developer negotiations, strategic planning, TIF strategies, project management, technical owner’s representation and economic development. The Veridus approach employs efficient execution which focuses on results by establishing an actionable plan and realistic roadmap for achieving client goals.
Civil Engineering  
The engineering division is primarily a site civil design group with a heavy emphasis on site development, hydrology and hydraulics serving our clients in their real estate development needs.
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